Another poetic lyric for A

Once upon a time I fall in love
Fall in love for many times of my life
With a girl, let say she is from China
The princess from China

With unusual smile that hide her eyes
Busy with herself under the cherry tree
With pink rucksack and white robe
Busy with herself playing with little kid

Then, I tell her to become my girl
She said yes..
Oh.. yeah.. she really said yes..
Busy with herself to meet my anomaly

Let say again she is from China
Slanted eyes that hide when she smile
We have been this long, China princess
You’re holding in your hands the two halves of my heart
Have no idea what we face up front
We just have a plan, plan of dream and dream of plan
Busy with ourself for preparation to meet

Yes, we are used to be busy, in life, in work, in knowledge
Busy to concern ourselves

Hey slanted eyed girl
If our dream comes true, please take forever with me
Since, we have been too long to be set apart

* the lyric is inspired by Coldplay’s Song –  Princess of China


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