d.i.a (2)


This article is aimed to respond a time-honored post that published in here. So, for me, it is also demanding to write something about the one that I denoted as A. It is about a woman. This A, woman with slanted eyes, is one of my friends in high school. From 11 June 2005, A has become officially-registered as my girlfriend under agreement that proposed in small road beside Pizza Hut, A. Yani Street, and accepted at bridge of Tamsis, Gunung Pangilun.

Hey. Why the explanation is so formal. OK, let us continue. Then, we have been, up until this article has been made, 2935 days engaged under agreement of dating and we are serious to continue to further step. Amen.

I cannot describe her physically because it would be too subjective. If someone asked me whether I have a girl friend or not, her face would pop up in my mind. After that, I would try to delay the answer and change the topic. Honestly, I am too shy. It is not because she is not beauty but because she is too beauty for me to be described. See, my explanation is so subjective. If hers article says “He perfect me and now I realize that it is the best thing that could have happened to me”, I would reply “So far, she perfected me”. So simple.

She is so patiently to wait for me. She is so wisely answer by imaginative questions. She is so… this still continues to the subjective sentence.

Yes, sometimes we fight for something that unimportant. Mostly, it is because my ego, my impatience, my rush, and my stress. Sorry.


Now I never meant, to do you wrong, that is what I came here to say.

But if I was wrong, then I’m sorry, I don’t let it stand in our way.

As my head just aches, when I think of, the things that I shouldn’t have done.

But, life is for living, we all know, and I do not want to live it alone.

(Coldplay – Life for Living)


So, I hope you read this A. Thank you for all. Thank you for everything.

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“I just hope we are good together (in our eyes and most important in Allah’s)”

Note: While you sing, you do not actually sing alone, you are a performer. Amazing. 😛


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