Four Sinks

Have you ever heard story of three wise monkey?

One that closed his eyes

One that closed his mouth

One that closed his ear


See no evil, Speak no evil, Hear no evil

Now, I have another story that I called four sinks

Image there are four sinks, in row, in one of campus canteen

One of the sinks is clogged. The drain is stopped by food waste.

Beside that one, the sinks has tap that cannot be closed. The water is continuously flowed.

Different from this sink, the other sink has tap that has no water. Dry and crusty.

The last sink are normally functioned but it is very dirty and it has crack at the bottom of the porcelain.

So, if these four are the only sinks in this canteen, what should the canteen manager do at best?

Should he make a report to the university and wait for a repair?

Should he do it by himself?

Or, is there any best combination from the sinks condition?

From my own opinion, repair must be done, but more importantly, the use of efficient available resource should come first.

Each of the sink has their own condition. Each of the sinks has their own problem. Each of the sinks cannot instantly changed.

So, why I introduce this post with three wise monkey?

Because , it makes me remember one of Minang proverb as follows:

Nan Buto pahambuih lasuang
Nan pakak palapeh badie
Nan lumpuah pauni rumah
Nan kuek paangkuik baban
Nan jangkuang jadi panjuluak
Nan randah panyaruduak
Nan Pandai tampek batanyo
Nan cadiak bakeh baiyo
Nan kayo tampek batenggang


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