Lecture: appreciation for smile

This is a story about smile. Sepecifically, it is about smile of the beloved one.

Story about one man that decides his life companion based on her smile. At that time, the girl is around twenties. Her smile is very fond, grinning tooth, blushed cheek. Absolutely a smile that the man dreamed.

The dilema is arisen when the smile has past over 20 years. The wrinkle appears, incomplete teeth, and not-so-blushed cheek. The physical beauty has been drowned by time.

The man does contemplated thinking about it. Is this the end of the devotion? and love, and romance? After all of this 20 years?

It is a big no. The man appreciates the smile more than that dimension. There exists a deeper dimension.

The smile of his beloved one represents courage, motivation, and comfortability. Even if for 50 years goes by, the smile is still appreciated as the first time the man like it.

He choose this woman not based on its physical condition. Not a smile that appreciated as a throphy that is exposed to his friend. Not a smile that can be compared to famous celebrities.

It is a smile that calm his warry mind.

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