Guys personal style: Introduction to Ganteng 1.0.1

Copied from tweets by @miund. Mainly, for self-note, but hopefully would benefit others.

Gara2 tadi @josephsudiro ngomongin fashion cowok, gw jadi kepancing juga deh ini. Guys should have personal style. However, guys should have some basic things in their wardrobe to look presentable.

First, a good-quality suit. Preferably in dark color.

Second, a pair of black dress-shoes. Google what ‘dress-shoes’ are. They will take you to high places.

Third, a sleek white long-sleeve shirt. This will help you look good in suits or jeans. Trust me, I am a woman. I like good-looking men.

Fourth, a comfortable undershirt. Go for white v-necks because there is nothing tackier than an undershirt peeking out your front button.

Fifth, invest in a good leather belt. Reversible ones are good and sensible. You get black and brown in one go. Basic need.

Sixth, own a pair of CLEAN sneakers. Sensible option: black Converse. Matches most of the stuff in your wardrobe. But KEEP THEM CLEAN.

Seventh, own a good pair of jeans. Go for BLUE jeans. Black jeans only work for rockers. Seriously. Blue jeans + white shirt/t-shirt = SEXY!

Eighth, invest in a good batik shirt. We ARE in Indonesia. Batik is sometimes mandatory. Buy a good quality batik shirt. Long sleeves.

Ninth, get a decent tie. Conservative stripes will be the safest option. Florals don’t always work and avoid satin solids that look cheap.

Lastly, save money for a decent watch. Because good watches for gentlemen are what good purses for ladies. It IS your social status.

Oya cowok2, soal jas yg bagus, kata Jimmy Fallon: pilih jas yg bisa bikin lo mesti berdiri tegap biar kece 🙂 jait deh kl bisa.

In addition, here are some collection of pictures that also tells similar brief summary from 9GAG. All of the rights are belong to owner of the content.







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