Here are quotes from Lie to Me TV serial, Season 1, Eps 1:

  • Statistically speaking, the average person tells three lies per ten minutes’ conversation.
  • Classic one-sided shrug. Translation: “I’ve absolutely no confidence of what I just said.” The body contradicts the words. He’s lying.
  • Now that’s real surprise. Lasts for less than a second when it comes across your face, but if your suspect is surprised for more than a second, he’s faking it.

  • But I thought most people avoid eye contact when they’re lying. No, it’s a myth. And quite often, they make more eye contact. They need to watch, see if you believe their lies.
  • Question: “Have you ever been to her house?” Answer: “No, I have never been to her house.” Rigid repetition like that is typical of a lie.
  • Looks that way. But when I asked him about his teacher’s death, what we saw was this: oblique eyebrows. Sadness.
  • Classic gestural slip. Got the slightest head nod “yes” before you shook your head “no.”
  • He had his left hand in his pants pocket pressed against his leg the whole time. We’re not all hiding something.
  • You’re a liar if you’re a homo sapiens.
  • She was definitely concealing something. When I asked her about Ms. McCartney, she stopped using contractions and started referring to her as “that woman.” Distancing language. She knew something about her. She didn’t want to say.
  • When you’re lying, it’s hard to tell a story backwards, because there’s no real memory of what happened. Liars rehearse their stories in order. They don’t think to rehearse them backwards.
  • It’s tensed. Turned upwards at her side like this. Is that a gestural emblem? Body language tells the truth even from the grave.
  • In skin temperature, about ten degrees scared, which is to say, very scared.
  • Why would I know? Eyebrows go up, like yours, the person knows the answer to the question they’re asking.



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