Special Ied Adha 2014 – Polytechnic Caltex Riau

Since officially worked at Polytechnic Caltex Riau as a lecturer from 1st October 2014, I have many new experiences and new colleagues. One of the special experiences is happened today. Today is Ied Adha, one of two biggest feast in Moslem culture. In previous Friday, one of my colleagues asked me if I have any plans for Sunday (which mean today). Then, he invited me to join campus activity that held cow and goat slaughtering as part of Ied Adha feast. Then, I said, “Sure”.

Honestly, this is my first time experience to actively participate in such event. Well, the best that I can do is to follow what others do. The result? not so bad in my opinion. I really can rely on other colleague that looks confident and positively had previous experience in this event. This strategy is successful even though some of confident-looking colleagues also ask me what to do. Jokes, comments, and story telling always lead to laugh and smile.

Here are some pictures that taken with my N900. Sequence of the picture shows sequence of the process but not all of the event is captured, Sorry.





See you all next year, Aamiin. 😀



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